Thursday, May 7, 2009

now M.I.A. too?

Apparently she too has started her own fashion line, called Oakley Run, the name inspired by this kid (which is pretty cool), which features different pieces that have her infamous prints on them. You too can look...exactly like her...ugh

I do respect that previous to being famous as a musician, she was a visual artist and from this I believe has designed those prints herself (along with Cassette Playa and perhaps Steve Loveridge). And I am impressed that she does so much (songwriting, record producing, singing, visual art now fashion designing). Despite this, there's seems to be no creativity in this, its just a commercial move, an extension of her fan tees really. People wanted it and now its available on Karmaloop. I liked it better when her steez was a collaboration of vintage windbreakers, original pieces by BL, herself, and Cassette Playa...and all of this wasn't condensed and easily bought online.

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