Monday, May 4, 2009

Annika Berger | SKYWARD

I love hearing of fashion designers who didn't study fashion, Swedish designer Annika Berger of SKYWARD did just that. She studied engineering, industrial and graphic design before making her way into clothing design. I eerily relate to what she says about her artistic process in a article by

"I am constantly searching for what make me think “I like it! What is it?” Something I couldn’t quite recognise but still there are references that appeal to me. Could be anything, something I see pass by, a person I meet. From that, I start fantasising about it in a different context. I am very attracted to opposites, and putting them together. Urban with nature for example. The final result has often a lot to do with accident as well. My way of working vary between very concentrated, slow and careful, to extremely spontanous and fast working out sudden ideas. I like to build fantasies around fashion, have a strong idea, build a special world around it. To me, fashion is all about imagination. And dreams are really the only things that can bring you forward and make a difference."

Her look book is straight out of editorial pages: artistic, representative of her concepts...mindblowing
(click to see enlarged imgs, the smaller one's don't do them justice)

damn girl

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