Saturday, July 24, 2010

Osborn Shoes

New shoe line outta Greenpoint Brooklyn.

"Osborn owns its own production workshop located in Guatemala. We currently have 25 artisans and 4 administrators employed full-time. We work personally with our production team to ensure high quality handcrafted shoes - entirely fair trade with locally sourced materials.

All the materials for each shoe are individually hand-cut and and each shoe is assembled by hand.

Each and every Osborn shoe represents not only a fashionable statement, but also a step in the right direction in respects to world employment and sourcing standards - we believe it is ever more important
to know where your valuables come from."


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  2. Awesome shoes!!!!

    Love Heels??

    You should definitely check out my shoe design blogspot! All my designs are hand-drawn! Hoping to get my foot into the industry with my illustrations! Take care x